icon-team-deathmatchTeam Deathmatch

This isn’t your standard team death match. You’ll have unlimited lives to reinsert into the game so you don’t miss out on any of the action. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the field as well as the tagger. Kill or be killed!


Think you have what it takes to dominate our field? Test your skills with this location based mission and see if you have what it takes to capture and hold each location.

icon-search-and-destroySearch & Destroy

Each team will be equipped with a color coded bomb. Your mission will be to arm & defend your bomb. Your secondary mission will be to disarm to opposing team’s bomb if and when they arm theirs. Be cautious you only have a limited amount of time.

icon-secure-the-codeSecure the Code

It’s crucial that you locate your safe combination. Failure to do so will result in a failed mission. Once you locate your code. Proceed to the designated safe and unlock the contents of the safe. Make sure you follow the directions or else….

icon-dirty-moneyDirty Money

Search through the map to find ammo crates that have been dropped in by the support helicopter. Bring the loot back to the bank. Don’t leave your loot unattended the enemy may try a heist.

icon-el-presidenteEl Presidente

He has lead you through the most intense battles you’ve seen. You’ve shed blood, sweat and tears with him. Protect him at all cost. Your team will suffer the consequences if he is eliminated.

icon-medic-rescueMedic Rescue

Your only medic has been captured. You must work as a team and unite to make your way into enemy territory, rescue and escort your medic back to friendly land in order to utilize his skills.


Soldier with our recent discoveries, you’ve all been issued the most advanced armor that hasn’t hit the market quite yet. Some would say we shouldn’t even be talking about this yet. Understand we still have some flaws in our system. You will not be able to respawn if you’re taken out. Give it your all because it’s the only one you have.

icon-last-standLast Stand

You have one clip and one life. Make every shot count.

icon-king-of-the-hillKing of the Hill

Find and hold the hill for as long as you can. The longer you hold the hill without any enemies in the area the more points will be awarded. Be aware the hill will change locations.

icon-capture-the-flagCapture the Flag

First team to find the gold wins…no but seriously GET TOOO THE CHOPPAAAA!!!! Raise the flag and defend the location for a limited amount of time.


Locate the anti-virus and call in an extraction. Time is of the essence but be cautious of the biohazard that’s been spilled. We wouldn’t want to have to use the limited supply that we have for a mistake that could have been avoided.

*Be advised the above mission briefings are referring to a simulated game, there is no hazardous materials actually being used.